My personal dotfiles collection. Intended to be used on macOS system, but some parts should be able to be used on *nix-based system.

Before using anything, install it first by typing this command:

$ ./

What’s Inside?

Since I’m using MacBook Pro as main machine, these files work effectively on macOS. But some of it can be used to any *nix system.

.vimrc file to make your vim experience better. It’s pretty basic though, but will be better soon.

Alias is used to wrap a long command or any other command into one command. It’s defined in .aliases.

Some handful bash functions is defined in .functions.

If you’re using homebrew as your package manager, which I suggest you should, it’s better to use Brewfile so you can have the same packages across machines.

Every initial terminal function is defined in .bashrc. It is linked from .bash_profile since macOS only recognize .bash_profile.

Batman logo in ASCII, you can take a look at .batman file. You can use it as your welcome message on your terminal. I found it online and I forgot the source. I’ll update this when I found it.


This work is licensed under Public Domain / Unlicense. Which mean you can do whatever you want with it for free, personal or commercial purpose, with or without attribution.